Monday, September 15, 2008

Ummm...why not?

So, I'm talking to my girlfriend this morning about possibly starting a blog, and she made a comment that pretty much confirmed what I had already been thinking.

I comment on her blog almost every time she posts, and during my last comment, I started thinking, "I sorta feel like I'm writing out my own post here. This is probably too long and detailed to be considered a 'comment'!" Hhhmmm, should I just start a blog?

So, as I was saying, during our talk this morning while on the subject of blogs, she said out of nowhere, "Well, ya know, a lot of your comments are like the beginnings of posts themselves...".

Fast forward: here I am. I took the plunge. Why not, right? I'll post when the Lord gives me time, and I won't when the Lord has me elsewhere (which will probably be the majority).

So much crazy stuff goes on under this roof! Maybe this way I can jot down a situation or two, share our days, some thoughts, some pictures, glorify Jesus...who knows. All I know is: this is an experiment.

Wonder how it'll turn out?


Captivated said...

yay! this is such a rad opportunity to share with **your world** all the stuff Jesus shows you and your family.

without fail, He's showed me a thing or two in every situation you've shared with me about what you're learning in your marriage or how He's showing up for your boys. i love it... and now you'll have a little place to proclaim it in the assembly so to speak.

yessssss...! i can't wait to enjoy your little experiment.

Captivated said...

oh yeah! i just read the verse under your header. LOVE IT!


...see? the Lord's already wantin' me to copy and paste that verse right smack dab in the middle of my bathroom mirror.

a woman found said...

Be still my heart!! I can read about your life online!!! YEah-who!!!

love you much!
1 Samuel 20:42

KiaBia said...

Now i get to learn more about you, Kris! I am very excited and cannot wait to have you as a new BLOG FRIEND!